Contract fencing

Woolabrai does rural contract fencing either at a per meter or per hourly rate. We take down old fences and re-use any materials you and the team agree to be of a quality suitable for the fences purpose. We construct pine and rail fences, electric fences, multi-wire strand fences, fabricated wire fences (sheep, cattle, horse, exotic animal, feral/vermin deterrent) including netting/mesh.

The team can use any suitable material you may already have on hand, or the material can be sourced directly from the Woolabrai store (Check out the 'Fencing' and 'Electric Fencing' pages in the 'Products' drop-down menu above). Sourcing from the store allows the team to widen the material range as well as acquire the materials needed at a quicker rate.

Quotes for fencing jobs are free but must be organised through the store before-hand. If a Tractor (auger and driver) is required then there may be a 'float' fee dependent on the distance needed to travel.

If you are unsure about which fencing is best for you or you have any questions, just call the store or simply pop in for a chat! Meanwhile checkout the photos below of some of our work!

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